Learning Opportunities

GFTU's Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion Course

GFTU is offering a new round of free training opportunities to bring new life to our commitments to engaging with all of our members, opposing all forms of discrimination and building strong, inclusive organisations.

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GFTU's Union Learning Representatives' Training 

Any workplace rep belonging to a GFTU affiliated union who wants to explore more about their role and how and get greater support in being effective in the workplace should attend this course. 

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Services to Unions

The GFTU has developed a comprehensive range of services under the banner of 'Win:Win' to support affiliated Trade Unions.

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We help Unions to save money and be more effective and sustainable, whilst generating income for the GFTU’s Educational Trust.
  • Do you have people relying on you to help them with first class support?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to find reliable on-line information easily?
  • Do you feel under pressure to ‘get the best outcome’ for your client?
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GFTU Publishing

We have a range of books, posters, badges and CDs available to purchase at our GFTU Shop!

Quorn Grange Hotel & Training Centre

The iconic Quorn Grange Hotel is wholly owned by the GFTU Educational Trust and offers the perfect setting for all Trade Union members' needs.

About the GFTU

The General Federation of Trade Unions is a friendly democratic organisation responsive to the needs of affiliated Trade Unions.

GFTU Partners

The GFTU's informal and formal partnership arrangements go far and wide at home and overseas.

We strongly support a range of adult education organisations.

Supporting the Labour Movement

The General Federation of Trade Unions campaigns and supports a wide range of issues affecting the Labour Movement across the world.

Freedom for Ocalan

Support the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign here

Durham Miners Fundraising Appeal

Organisers of the Durham Miners’ Gala have launched a £25,000 fundraising drive. The growth of the Big Meeting in recent years has pushed up the costs of hosting the free festival, which is worth more than £10m to the local economy. Visit the site here

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

Supporting Venezuela in the face of US sanctions and interference.



Join VSC here