About the GFTU

The General Federation of Trade Unions was established in 1899 and is a democratic organisation responsive to the needs of affiliated trade unions. Like unions, we aim to improve the lives of working people and their communities.

Our federation of Trade Unions and the educational trust (GFTU ET) offers a range of support from; an exceptional programme of online and face to face trade union activist courses, leadership and management training, to detailed campaigns, organising and specialist research support for all unions, to developing professional support for General Secretaries and other professional groups such as Finance and Education officers.

Our federation includes a joint membership of over 600,000 union members, ranging from 28 different union affiliates. In 2024 we are celebrating our 125th anniversary, focusing on our founding principles; education, solidarity, and unity in action.


We provide a wide range of education for the whole trade union movement.

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We are a federation of trade unions representing over half a million trade union members.



Our core principle is solidarity between workers, unions and across our movement.

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