About the GFTU

The GFTU adds value and support to specialist unions and specialist sections of larger general unions.

The General Federation of Trade Unions was established in 1899 and is a friendly democratic organisation responsive to the needs of affiliated trade unions. Like unions, we aim to improve the lives of working people and their communities. Working collaboratively, there is no question or issue too large or small that an affiliate cannot refer to us. We seek to add value to specialist trade unions and sections of unions at various levels. With affiliation fees of around £1 per member, per annum, we believe we offer exceptional value.
There is a range of support we provide; from developing professional support for General Secretaries and other professional groups such as Finance and Education officers, to offering an exceptional programme of online and face to face trade union activist courses and management training, to youth and arts festivals, to detailed specialist research and highly customised support for individual unions, we have a flexible and expert approach.

Write to us at:

GFTU Headquarters

GFTU National Office,
86 Wood Lane, Quorn,
Loughborough LE12 8DB

General Enquiries:
Ian Richards

GFTU Operations Manager

T: 01509 410867
E: ianr@gftu.org.uk

Claire Ryan
PA to the General Secretary

T: 01509 410 974
E: claire@gftu.org.uk

Educational Enquiries:
Mark Robinson
Education Administrator

T: 01509 410978

E: markr@gftu.org.uk

Financial Enquiries:
Preeti Doshi
Head of Finance

T: 01509 410 856

E: preeti@gftu.org.uk

Marketing Enquiries:
Georgia Wilkinson

E: georgiaw@gftu.org.uk

There are many parts to the GFTU including:

  • The Executive Committee
  • Sub committees
  • Pensions Trust
  • Educational Trust
  • Trading Company Directors

Read more about GFTU's structure.

In small organisations, there are occasions when people need support or inspiration and if they work in isolation, without a peer group or wider professional networks it can be stressful.

Find out how the GFTU has addressed this challenge.

There are often vacancies for people who are interested working with us, so it is worth keeping an eye on these pages, as we regularly post opportunities at the GFTU, at Quorn Grange Hotel, with our affiliated unions or partner organisations.

A notification of each new advertisement will be sent immediately to the GFTU’s social media platforms, so it is worth following us to get updates!

We strive to be an outstanding employer - occasionally have vacancies for apprentices.

If you are looking for work experience, there might be a possibility of us creating an opportunity to work alongside us, so please send an e-mail request to Ian Richards, who has personnel responsibilities across the organisation, and let us know what you would ideally like to achieve. We cannot guarantee anything, but will always consider requests.

We only accept applications on a GFTU application form. We prefer not to accept speculative CV’s that occasionally get dropped off at reception. Whenever we advertise a vacancy we make sure all of the paperwork is attached.

If you would like to post a vacancy on the GFTU’s situations vacant section it is offered free of charge to trade union and campaign organisations. However, if advertisers would like to make a donation to the GFTU Education Trust for using this service, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please send your proposed advertisement to georgiaw@gftu.org.uk

The GFTU reserves the right not to run an advertisement if it in anyway conflicts with its policies and interests.

The GFTU was originally the international voice of the British trade union movement and it has maintained this tradition of international solidarity with workers in other countries.

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You can read more on the history of the GFTU here.