The GFTU have been working with the GFTU’s Affiliated Unions recently to develop an innovative Apprenticeship for Trade Union Officials, and are set to become the End point assessors for this exciting opportunity as it goes live.

In the past Further Education Colleges and Apprenticeship Providers were able to do assessments of the learners work and decide if somebody had met the required standards, which had the potential to undermine the learning in some cases, recently the process was changed. Now the process is similar to passing your driving test, where a driving instructor would do the training and then when the person is ready to take the test a slot is booked at the Test Centre, so that the assessment is carried out independently against an agreed set of standards.

It is anticipated that a person would complete the learning in 18 months and then once the trainer and employee agree that they are ready for assessment then a referral is made to the End point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) who complete assessment in 6 months.

The GFTU are delighted to be appointed as the End-point Assessment Organisation for the new Apprenticeship for Trade Union Officials, the training provides new and existing employees of Trade Unions with a great opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and gain a valuable workplace qualification.

To find out more contact Doug Nicholls or Ian Richards on 01509 410970