In addition to the comprehensive programme of accredited public courses, Albion Education and Training is able to offer a bespoke training service for employers and third sector organisations. This enables clients to have material totally tailored to suit their own needs.

All of the courses in this brochure can be customised for clients and delivered at any location, subject to the correct equipment being available for use. Courses can range in length from half a day to 5 days and can be accredited via OCN Credit4learning via our unique “fast track” arrangements.

Alternatively clients can use an existing programme advertised in this brochure and have it delivered “as it stands” in house by our training team. If you don’t see the course you want listed please speak to us and we will try to provide it. We also have a number of courses ready for in house delivery that are not shown in the brochure covering such topics as;

  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Using the media
  • Developing and inspiring your customer service team
  • Developing a workplace email and computer use policy
  • Governance and strategic decision making – for small companies, includes directors’ responsibilities
  • Pensions including auto enrolment and NEST

Albion Education and Training will discuss with the client all aspects of the training required and produce a fully costed training plan. All costing will be based on a ‘base fee plus’ style formula and will be clear and transparent. If a client uses an existing Albion course for in house delivery there will be no development charge, however if a client requires a new course developing or significant changes made to an existing course, development charges will be made. Again these will be fully explained to the client.

For example: the base cost will be £1250 per day for the course to take place plus £40 per student per course subject to a minimum of 4. Therefore to supply a one day course for 8 learners the total cost will be £1570, to provide the same course for 15 learners will be £1850. To supply a two day course the base cost will be £2500 plus £40 per learner subject to a minimum of 4. This example assumes no extra development costs.

Albion Education and Training is able to deliver in all parts of the UK as well as across Europe and beyond. We will ensure that all training delivered will be of a consistently high standard and all participants’ feedback will be monitored and assessed by our professionals and will be shared with the client on request. We are also able to provide joint management/union training developed for individual workplace circumstances.

Just call Judith Jackson on
07818 421930 for more details or

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