Deltapoll is a high-profile public opinion research consultancy, specialising in political and social research that aims to help organisations understand how they are viewed, and what might be done to overcome their problems. Our most high-profile work is for political parties, trade unions and government departments, for whom we deploy both quantitative and qualitative solutions to their research problems.

Deltapoll clients benefit from a combined 50 years of political polling experience. It is led by two of the UK’s most media-friendly pollsters, both of whom have utilised the full suite of methodological solutions to answer research questions.

Such services include:

  • Online, telephone and face-to-face polling of representative populations samples.
  • Representative Member Surveys.
  • Focus groups.
  • Polling for PR purposes.
  • Statistical and data science solutions, including member segmentation, regression modelling and MrP political constituency predictions.
  • Stakeholder interviews.

Contact details:

Martin Boon

Co-founder & Director.

Tel: 07711 486644