Doug Nicholls' columns:

13th May 2020

The duty of care – rebuild Britain without austerity

We should not for one second allow the new talk of economic meltdown and belt-tightening to gain ground – it’s human welfare that should be our priority, says GFTU general secretary DOUG NICHOLLS

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6th May 2020

Patriotism is good for you

GFTU general secretary DOUG NICHOLLS reflects on this week’s VE Day celebrations and the international significance of socialist patriotism

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30th April 2020

Our nation's wealth is squandered at the time of need

DOUG NICHOLLS, general secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, takes a look at private wealth, compares it with public revenues and spending — and questions its future.

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23rd April 2020

It’s liberating to recognise that there only two classes – us and them

There’s a growing class consciousness in Britain and it’s a powerful force, argues GFTU general secretary DOUG NICHOLLS

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16th April 2020

Slow down, you move too fast

DOUG NICHOLLS, general secretary of the GFTU, in the fourth of his weekly features, reflects on the importance of slowing down the pace of work to tackle inequality.

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9th April 2020

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

In the third of a series of weekly articles taking a reflective approach to issues in our current situation, DOUG NICHOLLS, GFTU general secretary, looks at how we are and have communicated and the dangers of the culture of violence for our children.

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2nd April 2020

Covid-19 and working-class solidarity

In the second of a series of weekly articles reflecting on the current situation, GFTU general secretary DOUG NICHOLLS, celebrates the passion of solidarity.

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25th March 2020

There's no debate now: humans are socialist not selfish - so let's take control

What workers are 'essential'?

All workers are essential. This crisis has shown workers their real strength - and the left must rush to solidify those gains.

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