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The Biennial General Council Meeting (BGCM) is the highest sovereign body in the organisation there is a clear structure of meetings at the GFTU which is set out in a calendar spanning the two years between each BGCM.

Trade Unions that affiliate to the GFTU apply to become part of the larger family of Unions.

As well as benefiting from the many advantages of membership unions are encouraged to buy into the culture of the organisation by accepting some of the responsibilities for its effectiveness, and in return each Union has a single seat on the Executive Committee.

The Biennial General Council Meeting (BGCM) which takes place around May every two years, is the highest sovereign body of the GFTU and everybody involved has specific responsibilities. The President and Vice-President have distinct leadership roles and the General Secretary manages the work of the Federation on a day to day basis.

The Rule Book and Constitution set out the structure and in the period between each BGCM the Executive Committee (EC) undertakes the work of the organisation, alongside a number of employees, who are there to support its day-to-day working.

In addition to the EC, there are a number of committees including a Finance and General Purposes Committee, the professional support committees described elsewhere, a Pensions Trust, Educational Trust and the Trading Company Directors. Each of these meets regularly.