GFTU X Banner Theatre Partnership Press Release

GFTU X Banner Theatre Partnership Press Release

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Today, the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), a federation of multiple trade unions representing a combined 600,000 union members and Britain’s foremost workers theatre and music company, Banner Theatre, announce a new partnership.

This partnership is reflective of GFTU’s founding principles of education, solidarity, and unity and Banner Theatre’s commitment to prioritising working-class audiences and working with trade unions. Both are united in supporting the struggles of the working class and increasing awareness of, and generating action around, key social and political issues and trends.

Banner Theatre launch their latest project “Battle Lines” at the GFTU’s annual Young Members’ Development Weekend today, which links the historic struggles of the miners’ strike in 1984 to the battles of today, with songs and video from striking Amazon workers in Coventry and creative union battles in the global south, like the massive farmers struggle in India, which delivered the biggest general strike in trade union history. All tour dates can be seen here:

Banner Theatre is celebrating 50 years of taking to the stage next month. You can support their 50th anniversary crowdfunder here:

Gawain Little, General Secretary of the GFTU commented, “We are really pleased to be supporting this new production by Banner Theatre. We were founded on the principles of solidarity and unity in action. This show demonstrates these values in practice, connecting struggles across a 40-year time frame and educating a new generation about trade union struggle through the medium of real working-class voices and original music and lyrics. For us, this is a crucial part of our mission to promote working class arts and culture.”

Banner Theatre spokesperson said, “We are delighted to work with the GFTU, who are clearly committed to grassroots organisation and understand the power of culture for the workers movement. Their support in the Battle Lines project has ensured that we can creatively collaborate with workers in key struggles of the past, present and future”.


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The General Federation of Trade Unions was established in 1899 and is a democratic organisation responsive to the needs of affiliated trade unions. Like unions, we aim to improve the lives of working people and their communities.

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About Banner Theatre

Banner Theatre is a Birmingham based multidisciplinary performing arts company with an unparalleled 50-year history of close collaboration with & representing the real lives of working-class people in struggle through: music, theatre, storytelling, oral history, interviews & video montage. For more information see

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