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We are excited to be hosting our very own book launch, which will feature an extended version of our recent publication, The True Causes of Inflation: Weak Production and High Profits called The Cost of Living Crisis (and how to get out of it) by GFTU’s Doug Nicholls, Professor Costas Lapavitsas and James Meadway.

Monday 20th February 2023


Mander Hall, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BB.


Eddie Dempsey: Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers Union

Costas Lapavitsas: School of Oriental and African Studies

James Meadway: Council member, Progressive Economy Forum

Laura Smith: Labour Party (personal capacity)

Sarah Woolley: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union

About the Book

Living standards across the world were hammered last year by shocking increases in the price of essentials – from domestic energy to basic foods. People in the UK were among the worst hit.

The response to the inflation surge by the UK government has been disastrous for working people. Pushing up interest rates, attempting to keep pay rises below increases in prices, and trying to cut pensions and other benefits, has exacerbated the devastating cost-of-living crisis.

The true causes of the crisis have nothing to do with workers asking for pay rises. This book shows that rapid inflation was sparked by a combination of global economic instability, profound weakness of production, and corporate profiteering. The result is a massive transfer of wealth upwards – from working people to the super rich. It is time for a radical economic alternative.

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