Using Data and AI to Support Union Organising, GFTU X Bombe partnership Press Release 

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Using data and AI to support union organising, GFTU X Bombe partnership Press Release 

Today, the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), a federation of 28 unions representing a combined 600,000 union members, and data, campaigns, and artificial intelligence (AI) company Bombe announce a historic partnership within the trade union world.  

This partnership will enable access for the trade union movement to the latest sophisticated targeting, data analysis and building of artificial intelligence products to support and grow the trade union movement.  

Bombe’s large language model app aims to have the best audience insight and targeting model in the world. It is produced by some of the UKs leading data scientists and pollsters.  

Gawain Little, general secretary of the GFTU commented, “This partnership, during our 125th anniversary year, is historic. We were founded on the principles of solidarity, education, and unity in action. Our partnership with Bombe enables us to provide our affiliates and the wider union movement access to the latest technology, not to replace ‘real-world’ organising but to compliment and support it. This is about using technology for workers and their organisation, not just leaving it to the employers and bosses.” 

The partnership between the two organisations will mean in practice that trade unions interested in the wide range of complex technologies, data approaches, and tools to organise, lobby and win campaigns will be able to access these via the GFTU.  

Bombe Spokesperson said, “The world of work and our lives will be determined by the developing technologies and the growing discussions and use of data and AI. At Bombe we believe that the trade union movement should have access to these techniques, technologies, and tools and that is why we are delighted to be partnering with the GFTU.”  

GFTU president and general secretary of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) Sarah Woolley said, “Through its educational trust, the GFTU has been offering important educational courses for workplace reps and trade union leaders about digital strategies, this partnership builds on this work, providing the best services, technologies, and support alongside a dedicated educational programme, this has the capacity to change our movement.” 


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