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International Solidarity

The GFTU was originally the international voice of the British trade union movement and it has maintained this tradition of international solidarity with workers in other countries.

International issues are on every Executive Committee agenda. Our Executive undertakes a major study tour overseas every other year.

In recent years, we have helped Trade Union Friends of Vietnam re-establish links with the Vietnamese General Confederation of Labour and we were pleased to support the campaign for the release of the Miami Five.

We have frequent meetings with trade union visitors to London from many countries. For example, we have fraternal links with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions and many others.

Most of our affiliates themselves have a strong set of overseas connections and support international solidarity work. Indeed, some of our affiliates organise workers in countries throughout the world.
We are delighted to give young trade unionists an opportunity to attend the Global Labour Institute’s brilliant annual summer school.

We stand for peace between nations and the support of workers everywhere.