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Virtual Lawyer: Free online legal advice and affordable legal letters

‘Virtual Lawyer’ is a technology driven letter service, backed by our extensive legal expertise. 

Providing free legal advice and building tailored legal letters in a matter of minutes. 

Virtual Lawyer is being adopted by organisations across the country to provide free legal advice and improve access to justice, by either directing clients to the tool or adopting it in-house.  


What can Virtual Lawyer do?

  • Prompt relevant questions for the user to answer via our web interface
  • Classify the case as worth pursuing or not
  • Identify key legal points within the user’s input
  • Flag up possible additional points to include
  • Draft an initial letter to be sent the employer
  • Create a second letter answering their points
  • Create a formal grievance letter


What will Virtual Lawyer offer in the future?

  • Draft court proceedings
  • Assist with court representation
  • Read Employer responses.


Use Cases

  1. Virtual Lawyer can be integrated into the work of advisers and solicitors to produce legal documents & advice letters in seconds, allowing more time to be spent on case work and practical advice. We can provide a training video/session for this.
  2. The tool can be integrated with your website, so that individuals can access the tool themselves and assess their claims.
  3. We can partner with your advisers and lawyers, using their expertise, to expand Virtual Lawyer to other areas of law. The platform currently covers Employment law, and is being adapted to Family Law and Benefits Advice. 

Current Partners


Islamophobia Response Unit
Dracaena Centre
Oxford University
Working Families
Imperial College
University of Surrey
University House