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An illustrated history of Britain shaped by the people

A union rep and his granddaughter discuss the history of the labour movement, from the 14th century right up to today.

Sean Michael Wilson has done a brilliant job assembling his workers' manifesto, with the stoic assistance of historical advisor Doug Nicholls.

Robert Brown's simple, straightforward no-nonsense black and white art style is perfect for portraying this epic march through the heroic efforts of many an individual and collective to fight for the rights of the many over the greed of the few.

Foreword by Jeremy Corbyn

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Trade union education has been in the doldrums for years – it generally lacks modern teaching methods, has outdated content and avoids key areas of history, economics and politics.

This book aims to change all that – to mark out new ground that will bring trade union education back to life.

This book has inspired new courses to train people to become better mentors in the trade union context.

Seven Scripts from Seven Struggles
Edited by Doug Nicholls

There is a rich tradition of theatre dealing with workers’ and trade union struggles through the centuries that can go unacknowledged by the literary mainstream. Often, such plays are staged in alternative venues and too often their scripts are not gathered in any archive and are in danger of being lost.

Workers’ Play Time is an anthology of seven such scripts, many of which are appearing in print for the first time:

Bolton Rising, by Neil Duffield
Luddite protests and savage repression of workers in Lancashire
We Will Be Free! by Neil Gore
The story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs told by George and Betsy Loveless
Hannah, by Eileen Murphy
A dramatic monologue by labour activist Hannah Mitchell
A Splotch of Red, by James Kenworth
Labour Party founder Keir Hardie campaigning in West Ham
Dare to Be Free, by Jane McNulty
How Mary Quaile organized café workers in the 1920s
Out! on the Costa del Trico, by Women’s Theatre Group
The Trico women’s strike of 1976
The Chambermaids, by Kathleen McCreery
Inspired by the Grosvenor House Hotel strike in the 1980s


This book chronicles the songs of Dave Rogers, longstanding member of the Birmingham Banner Theatre. It chronicles 30 years of struggle and marks the Banner Theatre's 30th Anniversary celebrations. The book is presented as 85 songs of resistance and celebration, spanning over three decades of events.

Interspersed between the songs are concise, informative historical accounts of the events themselves recalled in song, together with interviews with workers and photographs.

Dave Rogers, a self-proclaimed political activist, wrote most of the songs for political documentary theatre productions. They are stuffed with social purpose and are classified in the book as part of a tradition of political song writing. The foreword quite correctly defines them as social documents.