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Psychotherapy and Counselling Union: Freelance Professional WordPress Developer

Job Description and Person Specification


Hours:Minimum of 10 hours a week. Possibility of ongoing involvement in maintaining the website.  
Rate:£20 per hour  
Location:UK Remote  

Application deadline: Monday 20th November                     

Interview date: Thursday 7th December

Email admin@pcunion.org.uk with your enquiry or to apply. Please send your CV with covering letter.

Job Overview

The Website and IT Officer will be responsible for designing and developing (or coordinating the design and development of) the Union’s new website, using the WordPress platform. They will also be responsible for minimal maintenance of the existing website (hosted on the Wix platform) until the new website is launched. Depending on their skills, they may also provide some assistance with broader issues of IT strategy and implementation.

Job Description

  • Liaise with former Treasurer Mike Shallcross (mike@talkthrough.net) to understand the background and history of the PCU website and the status of the current website development strategy.
  • With involvement from Mike as needed, develop the current strategy for a new PCU website (at https://pcunion.org.uk/) based on the WordPress platform, using the Divi theme or similar page-builder software, and MemberPress (along with other plugins) to provide subscription management and other functions such as discussion forums and event listings.
  • While the new website is still under development, carry out minimum maintenance to the old (Wix) website to update content that is clearly incorrect or irrelevant.
  • Once the new website has achieved a basic level of static usability, liaise with the Executive Committee and the social media Officer to draw up and put into practice a process for moving from the old to the new website with minimum disruption.
  • Liaise with the social media Officer to update the new website with relevant PCU news, campaigns etc. on an ongoing basis.
  • Draw up a detailed plan for adding subscription management and other functions to the new website, in manageable stages that will cause minimum disruption. Manage the implementation of this plan.
  • Subject to skills and available time, advise the Executive Committee on matters of IT strategy and implementation where relevant.

Person Specification

1. Skills and Experience


  • Demonstrated success in designing, developing and maintaining WordPress websites using page-builder software such as the Divi theme
  • Some experience of membership management systems within WordPress, preferably the MemberPress plugin
  • Some experience of managing a move to a new website
  • Excellent general IT skills


  • Familiarity with the use of payment systems in WordPress for subscription management
  • Some knowledge of the Wix platform
  • Experience of doing work for trade union, third sector and/or campaigning organisations

2. Qualities

  • Understanding of and sympathy for the aims and values of the trade union movement
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently and prioritise and manage workload without close supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

3. Links

  • Meet regularly with a designated member/s of the Executive Committee
  • Occasional attendance at Executive Committee meetings
  • Regular communication with social media Officer
  • Regular communication with PCU Administrator
  • Communication with branch secretaries

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