Law at Work

Law at Work

Foreword by Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, GFTU

I’ve been using this essential guide for trade unionists for many years and always recommend it to anyone involved in the Movement. Workplace representatives, full time officers, legal advisors, caseworkers, and all those concerned with fairness at work should have a copy of this book at hand to help understand and use the law to our advantage.

Of course, as trade unionists we cannot rely on the law to deliver for our members but we must understand it and be able to use it when we can. This book simplifies a hugely complex subject and makes it understandable for every day use.

All workers deserve the dignity of well paid, secure work that they rely on to support themselves and their families. Employment law should support this principle but sadly we all know that it is lacking in so many respects.

That’s why we should use the law where we can but be ready and prepared to use collective action to best serve our members’ interests. Collective bargaining and securing improvements to terms and conditions of employment is essential, as is the ability to take action to thwart attacks on members by hostile employers.

Defending the right to organise, stopping fire and re-hire, securing pay increases, preventing the casualisation of the labour market through zero hours contracts and the use of Agency workers, fighting redundancies, and securing a safe place of work are all essential union issues where understanding and using the law are vital. GFTU aims to equip unions and their activists with the knowledge and skills they need to not only use the law but to build collective strength and truly win for workers.

From our Educational Trust through to our range of services for affiliates, GFTU supports trade unions in their united goal of a better society. Find out more at

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