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Please see below some of recent reviews from our customers on our Working River CD.

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“A great compilation of songs which contain a varied range of experiences from the working life of many hard labourers. I enjoy the story telling through song which is  a great way to pass on the social history of many now lost industries.”

“I love it!”

“I’m enjoying it, excellent info.”

“Received and enjoyed. Fascinating sleeve notes.”

“An interesting selection of songs etc.”

“Working River is an excellent CD. It takes me back to my regular attendance on Saturday nights at The Singers Club in London, where the resident singers were Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, but where any number of guest singers also performed. Jolene…has the purest singing voice I have heard in a long time. Her version of Sweet Thames Flow Softly is a joy to listen to; it is the best I have heard it sung since listening to Ewan MacColl sing it in person in the late 1960s. What was nice about Working River was to hear artists of nowadays and to know they are carrying on the folk tradition.”

“I like the variety of styles, themes & singers.  I like the historical background, and the sense of real life & politics in the songs. I was born & grew up in London, and the ”Day Trip to Southend” reminded me of my family trip to Southend 50 or 60 years ago, when there was nothing but mud for miles.”

“I am really enjoying it, it’s really nice to have the local connection in the songs.”

“I found it good listening particularly if you are into English folk. The match girls story was particularly interesting for anyone with a feel for TU and social history.”

“Most enjoyable!”

“Very good CD. I hope it sells well so that you are encouraged to engage in further similar projects.”

“I have enjoyed listening to it. After reading a review of the CD in the Morning Star I had to buy a copy. To sum up it is an excellent collection that should still be heard and performed. Many thanks for putting it together.”

“Perhaps I should say that my wife and myself are long term “folkies” of a certain age who have been going to folk clubs and festivals since our teenage years – in my case about 60 years!! We both thought this Working River CD was very good, in terms of its content and variety and it really told the story very well and we especially like this sort of story/history descriptive narrative because it builds up a picture of something which (in this case) has all but disappeared. the songs come over very well indeed and I still find myself humming/ whistling snatches even after only a few hearings! The east track in the pub was great and we both said More, more! When it ended. So many many thanks to you and all those who made this CD possible.”

“It’s great, really enjoyed the music.”

“I love the album – it’s full of great songs and a true representation of the history of our magnificent river.”

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