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The GFTU has developed a comprehensive range of services under the banner of 'Win:Win' to support affiliated Trade Unions.

We help Unions to save money and be more effective and sustainable, whilst generating income for the GFTU’s Educational Trust.


Employment Law Matters

  • Do you have people relying on you to help them with first class support?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to find reliable on-line information easily?
  • Do you feel under pressure to ‘get the best outcome’ for your client?


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Who Is It For?

Whether you are an Employment Law student, practitioner, lecturer, Lawyer, Barrister or Manager, let us help you to be more successful and do your job more effectively, supporting you to give up-to-date, accurate employment law advice…

Emplaw provides expert, online employment law information for lawyers, Law Centres, Trade Unions, CAB’s and people with an interest in supporting people in their workplace.

Emplaw content is comprehensive and up-to-date, and the service is designed to provide straight forward, easy-to-find answers to the questions raised by busy practitioners. It is clear and concise and is authored by the UK’s leading practicing barristers and top law firms.

The service includes:

  • An on-line portal available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Law cards: detailed and incisive guides structured by employment law topic. All linked to legislation, cases and other relevant information
  • Case Summaries: professional summaries searchable by topic and linked to full reports. Over 25 years of relevant cases
  • Emplaw Monthly: a one-stop read for keeping up-to-date with employment related legislation and news plus professional summaries of the month’s key cases
  • CPD: Earn, evaluate and record your learning at
  • A range of other opportunities.


Individual, organisational, annual, monthly and daily subscriptions available.

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We were awarded Online Information Company of the Year 2018 by Business & Industry Today

Workable Books - GFTU Publishing

New internationalist

We launched a new publishing imprint for trade unionists last year and our first publication was on trade union education and how it can be adapted to become more powerful in the years ahead

This book has inspired new courses to train people to become better mentors in the trade union context.

This year we have published a graphic novel on the history of The Labour Movement called “The Many Not The Few”.


Workable Books

Workable Books, a joint book publishing initiative of the General Federation of Trade Unions and independent publisher New Internationalist. Read more here.