Support Networks

Get your heads together - you're not alone

In small organisations there are occasions when people need support or inspiration and if they work in isolation, without a peer group or wider professional networks it can be stressful, and people sometimes move jobs to feel more fulfilled and supported.

As Unionised Employers we can do better and several years ago we established a number of professional support groups, often meeting at Quorn Grange or an Affiliates premises to provide mutual support, ideas and possible solutions to challenges and an economy of scale if there was a need for training or shared resources.


The networks ideally are self-sustaining and the ones currently in place are for;

General Secretaries

Finance Officers

Education Officers

HR Managers ICT and Technology Specialists

The GFTU Executive would consider establishing other networks if there was a demand for a group. To find out the date and locations of the next meetings contact the GFTU Office.