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We transform the relationship between organisations and their members and supporters through telephone conversations, predictive analytics and handling queries.


Our work for the National Education Union

We transform the relationship between unions’ members and supporters, engaging and driving them to action.

Our methods work across unions and sectors. We’ve worked extensively with the National Education Union, supporting them with a range of products that have strengthened the bond between the union and its members:

  • Identifying the needs and motivations of members through engaging surveys, delivered through personalised telephone conversations.
  • Predicting the behaviour of groups of members, using AI to build robust segmentations.
  • Delivering multiple mandates in favour of strike action by providing field operations, persuading members to support action and triaging queries about the ballot.

We get results.

  • An independent review found that after receiving a telephone call from us, members are twice as likely to complete an action, and that our calls were 113% effective when compared to other campaign tactics.
  • Our data modelling identified the members most likely to participate, to leave, and the union’s future activists
  • Turnout amongst members that our field operations team engages with increases by more than 50%.

Our work creating membership personas

Unions with large memberships face a common challenge - understanding and communicating with them when members are spread across workplaces and sectors.

We have solved this by developing personas, an AI-powered methodology that groups members by their attitudes to trade unions and social issues.

We worked with the National Education Union to build personas amongst middle leader teachers, and across their membership. We identified the members most likely to participate, to leave, and the union’s future activists - applying the result to the entire membership, not just those that had completed the survey.

The new personas have allowed the union to create bespoke campaigns that have reduced the rate of members leaving for other unions, and to target messages to members to drive them to action, such as voting in favour of industrial action.

CampaignMail - our campaigning email platform

Encouraging supporters to email their elected representatives is a great way to show strength of feeling and influence the political process. However, when emails are recognised as being part of a coordinated campaign they are not engaged with in the manner they would be if the content appeared unique.

Our beta platform uses Artificial Intelligence to generate emails that are both specific to the individual and convey the message of the overall campaign. It will take your supporters only a few minutes to identify their elected representatives and send them an email that cannot be ignored.

We recently worked with StrikeMap and the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) to help their supporters lobby council leaders over the government’s minimum service level legislation. Supporters contacted the leaders of 130 different local authorities across the UK and won commitments from many of the largest councils - including Glasgow and Leeds City Council - not to use minimum service level legislation.

Why work with us?

We work exclusively with trade unions and charities, and as trade unionists we have your principles at heart. We are an accredited Living Wage employer and will never use zero-hours contracts.

We are different from other companies - our only incentive is to have a quality conversation with your members. That's why all our campaigns have a simple, per-member price that is easy to understand.