The Baker's Cousin

The Bakers Cousin

The Baker’s Cousin is the go-to brand for home bakers. Our mission: to be the people that bakers of all levels turn to for natural ingredients and baking expertise, all served with a pinch of quirkiness - even if we do say so ourselves.

At The Baker’s Cousin, we combine the benefits of natural ingredients with warmth (baked at 180° Celsius) and knowledge (years of study and on-the-job experience) to serve you delicious, ready-to-use bread mixes and nutritious, functional flours.

For almost 140 years our company has been at it. Producing wholesome, nourishing ingredients for the bakery and food industries. Working with farmers to source the finest ingredients and turn them into exciting products. Carving off the first slice of the loaf and toasting it till golden.

We are, without doubt, specialists in wholegrain flours. Not to mention, flakes, grains, seed, pulses and malted ingredients. And our goal is to show and help as many bakers as possible. Healthy and tasty ingredients should be accessible to all.

Our first range is made up of six bread mixes and two rye flours. There’s ancient grains in Go with the Grain, the high in fibre The Whole Truth, A Rye Smile which is a great source of protein, and Needed and Seeded - grown in East Anglia. There’s also the wholegrain goodness of Light Ryelief, the experimentally delicious Know Your Onions, and finally the wholemeal and refined flours of Serves You Rye – in both light and dark. We’re hungry now after all that!

To be honest, we’re only just getting started on our journey. So, if you fancy filling your home with the stupendous smell of baking and the delectable taste of bread that’s come straight-from-the-oven, then get acquainted with The Baker’s Cousin bread mixes and flours.

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